Webinar: NPAW Video Streaming Industry Report 2022 — Key Findings

  • Changes in user behavior and content consumption
  • How streaming quality evolved and affected user engagement
  • The top big-screen device vendors for each region
  • The impact of the Qatar World Cup on streaming engagement

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March 28th, 6pm CEST  |  12pm EST  |  9am PT

Join industry expert Kirby Grines and NPAW's CMO Till Sudworth as they dive into the key findings from NPAW's 2022 Video Streaming Industry Report. Discover how online video providers are dealing with:

1. A continued drop in daily consumption per user and service as content and service options increase

2. The boom in sports streaming as this type of content emerges as an engagement powerhouse

How can OTTs, broadcasters, and telecom companies adapt to the evolving media landscape and stay ahead of the competition?

Industry leaders trust NPAW to understand consumption trends, improve their platform, and create reliable streaming experiences that delight and retain users.


About NPAW

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NPAW is the leading video intelligence company helping online streaming services grow. A global leader in its space, NPAW has a decade of experience developing groundbreaking and scalable analytics solutions to optimize performance and user engagement to build media experiences that maximize revenue. NPAW serves more than 190 video services and processes over 124 billion plays per year worldwide.

The NPAW Suite provides OTTs, broadcasters, operators, and media groups with holistic and advanced visibility of platform performance, audience behavior, advertising, and content efficiency in real time to support informed, data-driven decisions.